STEP Company

STEP – is a Russian engineering and construction company working on civil and industrial construction projects since 1993. In each division we have been able to assemble a highly professional and efficient team of specialists possessing a unique experience and expertise directly related to the specific construction project in a particular field.

We are not the kind of company that is always ready to participate in “any” project, we only say “Yes” when we are confident to offer the best expertise and knowledge.

200 projects
Customers from
22 countries
Construction site locations
16 regions of Russia

We know how to neatly tie together corporate procedures of large international corporations, state regulations and specific local conditions. We can assure construction quality all the way to the smallest local contractor and guarantee overall performance on par with the established international standards.

and Technology

We incorporate all the latest construction and management technologies in our work, but at the same time we also embrace a valuable Soviet era expertize in conducting large-scale industrial construction projects. Some of our experts worked on massive industrial and defense projects in the Russian Far East and Siberia as well as abroad.


STEP Company performed construction jobs in permafrost, taiga and marshes as well as within the protected area of city's historical development. Some of the projects were completed in extremely remote locations without any trace of human civilization for hundreds of kilometers. We often dealt with the projects requiring very complex and complicated engineering solutions.

Financial Stability

Banking guarantees issued regularly by the Russian leading financial institutions such as Sberbank and VTB - another evidence of STEP’s good financial standing and solvency STEP.

Company’s turnover in billion rubles

Banking guarantees
Our customers - foreign and domestic companies, international corporations , leading Russian industrial groups
Collaborations and partnerships

The company has a track record of highly successful cooperation with leadinginternational and domestic consulting and engineering companies, design centers. We have been cooperating with many internationally acclaimed vendors specializing specializing in the most advanced technologies and innovative equipment.
Supply Chain

STEP has a reliable system in place allowing us to minimize the risks associated with subcontractors and suppliers selection process, including qualification, accreditation and tender procedures.