Our key objectives in health and safety management – to ensure the highest level of safety, hygiene and healthcare for our workforce,  to prevent any workplace accidents and to minimize occupational hazards


Our company policies and H&S standards are observed through the implementation of the labor safety management system.

We have established the following H&S priorities:

  • Safeguarding lives and supporting good health of our workforce 
  • Compliance with contractual requirements and Customer’s expectations in line with the current legislative and other regulatory acts issued by state regulatory authorities and inspection bodies
  • Engaging our workforce in health and safety management on every level
  • Continuous efforts leading to a higher efficiency in the safety management system critical to our company-wide safety efforts


Every STEP employee working on our project is responsible for complying with health and safety requirements. The company management provides continuous staff training as well as various additional resources. We have procedures in place promoting constant dialogue and information exchange on safety-related issues among every staff member.

Corporate standards:

  • Safety management system
  • Management team on every level
  • Safety labor training and knowledge assessment
  • Training on H&S issues and knowledge assessment
  • Professional hazards
  • Work authorization and permits in hazardous work conditions
  • Safety procedures at construction sites and all company’s branches
Company health and safety policy