We in Step believe that work should foster development and add strength, provide experience and offer satisfaction. We use use cutting-edge, advanced processes of project management while noticing and appreciating personal initiative.
We have implemented over
Commissioned by companies from
Geography of our construction projects covers
16regions of the Russian Federation
Step is not just a general contractor. It is an engineering company with a superb intellectual potential employing a powerful team of experts who are often capable of foreseeing the clients’ needs and expectations. It allows them to offer our clients most optimal technological and organizational solutions very often surpassing those that could be offered by a design center.
Valery Kuznetsov is the deputy general director for construction.
Step is a strong, sterling quality engineering company capable of solving complex technological tasks.
. Gaining valuable experience in international projects, we have also acquired acquired the Western culture of contracts fulfillment, while we work here in Russia and retain our priceless knowledge about the people, the conditions and the rules of the game.
and development

While working in Step you will acquire the experience of participation in large projects and, with the help of our esteemed experts, you will significantly improve your management and technical competences.

What others do within the frame of corporate training is a daily practice for us involving the interaction with our colleagues who pass along their valuable expertise to the beginners, the work efforts of every employee are discussed and evaluated.


Bank guarantees issued on a regular basis by the leading financial institutions such as Sberbank and VTB are yet another confirmation of stability and solvency of STEP as a company.

The Company has been operating on the market for
25 years
its annual turnover amounts to
RUR 4.7 bln
We enjoy achieving results upon our preliminary risk assessment and after the selection of an optimal strategy.

We approach every construction project as a transparent, intellectual and proactive endeavor involving management of contractors, machines, funds, materials and timeframes. Hence our task force includes:

99% of employees with higher education
80% of engineering and technical professionals
Words fail to describe the vital energy enjoyed by the company. We are a dedicated team of experts, who always discover and implement something new. If a person wants to become part of a similar vibrant venture, he will have the time of his life here.
Diana Rozova, the Personnel Director, has worked for the company for 15 years.