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STEP head office address:
Russia, 19502, St. Petersburg, Piskarevsky pr., 2, korp.3, litera A, Benois Business Center, 7th floor, office 731

+7 (812) 677-0077

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Chemical and processing plant construction

Chemical and processing plant construction

We know and understand the features of the construction of chemical facilities


We have experience in logistics and supply management all around the world

During the construction of a sulfuric acid neutralization complex at the Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant (Norilsk), STEP delivers a large amount of materials and technical resources and equipment from all over the world.

We know how to build objects in confined area

The construction of a non-concentrated nitric acid production unit is performed on the territory of the operating nitric acid workshop of "Azot" KAO. Two new units will be part of the existing nitric acid plant and will be located in a confined area.

We have long-term experience in cooperation with foreign customers

The STEP reference list includes five joint projects with the French company Air Liquide (construction of air separation plants and air separation units, technical re-equipment of an oxygen station). During the cooperation, the customer noted the high quality of the works and the completion of projects on time.

We are always careful about projects we undertake and never venture into a deal unless we are fully confident about the level of knowledge and competence we possess in order to complete the project better than anyone else.

STEP specialists properly understand the modern requirements of licensors and technological processes.

We constantly manage quality of the works on projects

Rütgers Severstar – pitch storage facility

STEP built a pitch storage for Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant. Within the scope of this project, construction was completed, equipment and pipe lines installed.

A main characteristic of chemical industry projects is particularly complex installation of process equipment and pipelines as well as a large scope of welding works. Besides, such objects are often constructed in very confined areas on the territory of operating plants. Our company understand the full responsibility for the quality of the works, which should ensure a perfect start-up and efficient operation.

Matti Tauk, Commercial director of the chemical construction,

We undertake a full range of construction works

  • Core technology development
  • Calculation of productivity and required resources
  • Core process equipment selection
  • Source documentation gathering
  • Survey work
  • Project documentation preparation based on the basic engineering plan
  • Project professional expertise
  • Specification of equipment for purchase
  • Main process equipment procurement
  • Support equipment procurement
  • Component parts and materials in accordance with project documentation
  • Site preparation
  • Foundation and substructure works for buildings construction and equipment mounting
  • Power cabling
  • Building construction
  • Equipment installation and mounting according to the project
  • Equipment hook-up
  • Turnover documentation
  • Designed capacity achieved with guaranteed parameters
  • System configuration and set up
  • Linking and testing all technological elements
  • Maintenance service as per OEM instructions to ensure continued, trouble-free usage during the warranty period
  • Delivery and spare part replacement during the warranty period repairs and maintenance
  • Operation and maintenance manuals preparation and issuance

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