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KBR specialists arrived at Azot project site

KBR specialists arrived at Azot project site
KBR specialists arrived at Azot project site

KBR specialists arrived at Azot project site. KBR specialists arrived at Azot project site.

On February 24, process engineers from the American company KBR arrived at the site in Kemerovo.

“Firstly, experts from KBR started training the Customer's operating personnel on February 26. In the past, they worked with domestic technologies and installations, so American technology is new to them. Representatives of KBR are now talking about the features and nuances of this technology, its differences from our technologies, and share their operating experience. Also, experts check whether the work performed on the project meets the requirements of the Licensor company", Denis Andreev, Project Manager.

In addition, the experts are faced with the task of accompanying the Customer’s and STEP’s personnel during the period of start-up operations: not only consultations, but also personal control over addressing all their recommendations.

Let us recall that the technological unit for the production of nitric acid under KBR technology is the first unit to be built on the territory of Russia under the technology of this company. The new unit will become part of the existing nitric acid workshop. Its capacity is at least 500 tons of 100% nitric acid per day. Performance of the new installation in terms of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere and energy consumption corresponds to the Russian requirements of "Best available technologies".