Driven Equipment CenterDriven Equipment Center

Construction of the Driven equipment center in Vsevolozhsk area, Leningradsky district was completed in September, 2019.
Object is built for production and maintenance (service) of driven equipment (gearboxes, electric motors, motor-gearboxes, electronic devices for electric motor operating).

During the project implementation Step company performed as a General Contractor. The company completed a full range of construction and installation work, finishing and engineering work. Plot area is 45 000 sq. m. and total area of all buildings and premises is 8 760 sq. m.

Total volume of completed work includes 2-story building with administrative and household facilities and a production building attached to each other, a gatehouse, a boiler house, underground fire tanks, underground local household wastewater treatment facilities, landscape improvement in particular passages for passenger and cargo vehicles, foot pavements, parking lots, an unload area, staff rest area, a garbage collection area, fence and landscape gardening.

The production building includes the following sites: unloading and unpacking zone, spare parts warehouse, assembling area with built-in auxiliary and administrative premises, battery-charging stations, consisting charging site and aggregate site.

During the construction and installation work Step company provided technical equipment installation in rooms with demanded higher standard of cleanness.  All work completed at a high professional level with using advanced high-quality ecologically-safe constructive materials and equipment. Finishing work and landscape gardening are fulfilled in accordance with European standards and requirements of SEW-EURODRIVE. The constructed object is equipped with advanced engineering systems, with high level of automation and dispatch control with opportunity to operate from one work place.
Industry sector
Industrial construction
Leningradsky district, Post 11, section 5, the Korabselsky block, Vsevolozhsk area, Leningradsky district
Project duration
16.10.2017 – 27.09.2019
Contract type
General contract on construction