STEP company provides multi-disciplinary construction and engineering services throughout Russia.

We always designate highly professional and experienced team to each industry segment. Team selection is based on experience and expertise each team member has obtained at construction projects completed within a particular industry.

We are always careful about projects we undertake and never venture into a deal unless we are fully confident about the level of knowledge and competence we possess in order to complete the project better than anyone else.

Our key segments and markets:

Basic engineering for construction projects in mining and chemical industry

  • Core technology development
  • Calculation of productivity and required resources
  • Core process equipment selection

Project development

  • Source documentation gathering
  • Survey work
  • Project documentation preparation based on the basic engineering plan
  • Project professional expertise
  • Specification of equipment for purchase


  • Main process equipment procurement
  • Support equipment procurement
  • Component parts and materials in accordance with project documentation

Construction work

  • Site preparation
  • Foundation and substructure works for buildings construction and equipment mounting
  • Power cabling
  • Building construction
  • Equipment installation and mounting
  • Equipment hook-up
  • Turnover documentation

Commissioning and start-up to the guaranteed performance levels

  • Designed capacity achieved with guaranteed parameters
  • System configuration and set up
  • Linking and testing all technological elements

Warranty service

  • Maintenance service as per OEM instructions to ensure continued, trouble-free usage during the warranty period
  • Delivery and spare part replacement during the warranty period repairs and maintenance
  • Operation and maintenance manuals preparation and issuance