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STEP head office address:
Russia, 19502, St. Petersburg, Piskarevsky pr., 2, korp.3, litera A, Benois Business Center, 7th floor, office 731

+7 (812) 677-0077

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The basis of the company's activities is openness, a high level of professionalism and knowledge, strict observance of the employees’ safety standards and a friendly attitude towards them, environmental protection and care for future generations. This is how the company sees its contribution to the development of the country

Strategic objectives

STEP has been providing full cycle general contracting services for over 20 years. Our customers rely on us because we always carry work to completion and respond quickly to their requests. The company builds qualified and experienced teams at construction project sites that are able to work closely with customers, designers, subcontractors, and quickly respond to changes.

STEP's mission is to provide high quality services and work to meet the requirements of customers, which allows us to generate a reasonable profit, successfully develop and improve our business.

STEP's goal is to meet or exceed our customers' expectations by carefully assessing their unique needs and by aligning our work with those needs.

Compliance with the ISO 9001-2015, Quality Management System is our voluntary responsibility shared by our subcontractors and suppliers. STEP gives preference to suppliers and contractors who apply a quality management system.

We are ready to tell our customers about everything: about tender procedures, formation of supplies, team structure, our success and problems we have. We want to be clear and predictable. The only secret is a commercial one. However, we can talk about the pricing scheme. In each project, we determine the percentage of profitability, and it is correlated with risk».

Dmitry Kunis
Owner of STEP

The basis of the company's HR policy is to create favorable, comfortable, safe and legally compliant working conditions. This is the only way we can attract and retain the most qualified specialists.

Basic principles of HR policy in STEP:

  • The best proof of a company's reliability is its financial responsibility. Leading financial institutions such as Sberbank and VTB regularly confirm STEP bank guarantees.
  • The company is ready to hire specialists immediately after their graduation from a higher educational institution. Initiative and mentoring are encouraged in STEP. In addition, working at Step, any employee can gain experience in implementation of large projects and improve managerial and technical competencies with the help of our reputable experts. STEP invests in the training and development of its employees. At the same time, the company realizes that work is only one of the employee's personal values, perhaps not the most important one.
  • The company has established the rule that the manager communicates his opinion about his work to the employee as openly as possible. This is how communication and quality results are maintained.
  • STEP actively involves professionals, focusing solely on their values, and does not allow any discrimination on the basis of race, skin color, sex, religion, political opinion, nationality or social background. We strive to provide our employees with standard workday and a decent level of wages. At the same time, STEP expects that each employee will maintain the corporate culture and atmosphere of the company that has been developed over the years

We definitely want to maintain open relations with our employees: through the organization of the office space, through the communication style, the corporate portal. Transparent systems of motivation and transparent walls of offices are all about one thing. We try to respond to any requests from the employees. In addition, a friendly atmosphere in the office is important to us. Either an employee goes to work with a smile, or hides from "bullets" and intrigues. We want people to be involved in business, and not to dodge each other».

Dmitry Kunis
Owner of STEP

The main strategy of STEP during communication with contractors and suppliers is transparency and clarity. To do this, we use a tender platform as a tool. Information on tenders for work and supply is open for our partners, conditions and procedures that are required to participate in them are open as well.

Thus, our company creates a transparent information field, thereby the existing partners of the company can recommend STEP to potential contractors and suppliers. This is how trusting business relationships are formed.

Our company maintains relationships with both manufacturing and supply giants and small and medium-sized companies.

It should be noted that STEP adheres to an individual approach in its policy during negotiations with contractors and suppliers. In addition, the company strictly fulfills a number of obligations to its partners:

  • All conditions (design, financial), which were specified during the tender process, are duplicated by the company in the contract with potential partners. During the tender process, STEP invites contractors to visit the construction site so that potential partners can evaluate the possibility of participating in the tender and construction of a facility in the future. In cooperation with suppliers, STEP conducts production audits. In this case, each of the parties can make sure that the project commitments will be fulfilled.
  • Contractors and suppliers who have not won the tender can always contact us with clarifying questions. It is the responsibility of the company to answer them, explaining all the information so that potential partners can participate as successfully as possible in subsequent tenders.
  • STEP supports its own regional development. The company cooperates with local reliable contractors and suppliers, studies the region before entering the project.
  • After the completion of a certain project, the company continues to maintain contacts with partners with whom it cooperated during the construction. This is how STEP has formed a database of proven suppliers and contractors, reliable business partners.
  • In the course of joint project implementation, STEP is responsible for negotiating with suppliers and contractors in the event of changed conditions.
  • STEP guarantees the fulfillment of all its financial obligations to suppliers and contractors. The company provides mobilization of the contractor's employees at a geographically distant site. Among its obligations, STEP includes financial flexibility in relations with partner

We are interested in cooperation on a competitive basis with law-abiding business representatives. In this regard, the partners with whom STEP intends to conclude an agreement worth more than one million rubles are subject to a bilateral audit. The requirements are serious enough to be sure of their reliability».

Anna Stolper
Director for Projects Supply, STEP

STEP is committed to sustainable use of natural resources, protection and preservation of the environment and natural resources for future generations. These obligations are a declaration of the company's management. They are applied by all departments and employees departments divisions, and are considered in relations with customers, suppliers and contractors.

Environmental policy is a part of STEP's strategic development.
The company not only carries out work in compliance with federal and regional legislation in the field of ecology, but also participates in the construction of facilities, the operation of which will be aimed at reducing emissions of harmful substances.

To reduce the negative impact of construction operation on the environment, the company's management undertakes the following

  • consider environmental and social factors when making investment decisions and during conclusion of contracts;
  • apply energy-saving processes at all stages of the construction process;
  • introduce modern construction technologies and use environmentally friendly materials;
  • plan and adequately respond to emergencies with environmental consequences.
Compliance with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System is our responsibility, shared by our contractors and suppliers.

STEP gives priority to suppliers and contractors applying an environmental management system and monitors the environment in the area of ​​influence of the construction operation. The company prefers to prevent adverse consequences from construction operation and subsequent operation of facilities.
These provisions are stipulated in the document "STEP Environmental Policy", which was approved by the Order of the General Director.

STEP designs a development strategy and regulatory documents in the field of quality management, ecology and labor protection in accordance with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015), GOST R ISO 14001-2016 (ISO 14001:2016), GOST 12.0.230 -2007 (ILO-OSH 2001), ISO 45001-2020 (ISO 45001:2018).

We have an unambiguous attitude to ecology - we never spoil nature, and without a doubt we are ready to pay. We are ready to pay money to take garbage to landfills, and not dump waste in the wrong place; to pay for the barrels of oil to be taken 200 km away and not be poured into the sea. I don’t want to see that we dirtied nature for the sake of money. I personally don't need that kind of money».

Owner of STEP
Dmitry Kunis

The main value and main asset of the company is its employees. Those who work on sites perform complex and potentially hazardous work every day. STEP is aware of its responsibility for the life and health of people. This is a priority in relation to the economic result and the results of operation activities. Therefore, the company considers that it is its duty to create safe working conditions and ensure industrial safety.

One of the company's principles in the field of labor protection sounds like this: “Lack of time is not an excuse for ignoring labor protection requirements. I only perform work if I can do it safely."

No considerations of an economic, technical or other nature can be taken into account if they conflict with the need to ensure the safety of people.

The main goal of STEP is zero accident. The main way to achieve such indicators is prevention. Prevention of accidents, diseases, failures, incidents.

What actions does the company take to comply with the principles and commitments it has undertaken?

  • Conducts numerous trainings, briefings, instructions, consultations with employees of the company and subcontractors;
  • informs workers in advance about working conditions, the presence of hazardous and harmful factors at workplaces;
  • provides the necessary financial, material and technical resources for the implementation of the policy in the field of labor protection and industrial safety;
  • constantly works to identify hazards in a timely manner, assess and reduce risks;
  • attracts personnel to active participation in labor protection and industrial safety activities;
  • forms a stable motivational mechanism of site-specific safe behavior of the company's employees;
  • STEP creates favorable and safe working conditions.

All principles of the company's labor safety policy are stipulated in the official document and approved by the Order of the General Director.

Not only the facilities that STEP builds must comply with international standards, but also the level of comfort and safety that we are obliged to create on construction sites.

Our company complies with federal and regional laws, its own rules and principles, as well as the requirements of our customer».

Head of Labor Protection Service in STEP
Valentina Nosenko

The basis of the company's activities is openness, a high level of professionalism and knowledge, strict observance of the employees’ safety standards and a friendly attitude towards them, environmental protection and care for future generations. This is how the company sees its contribution to the development of the country. Each of these directions is confirmed in the form of principles and rules, which are stipulated in the official document "Basic Policy of STEP Company".

Among the basic principles of the company are the following:

  • STEP's activities are aimed not only at making a profit, but also at transferring a facility of a high quality, as well as caring for the environment and a comfortable life of current and future generations.
  • A separate team is working on each project and in each activity area of the company, which has a unique experience in the construction of facilities in a specific industry, which knows its specifics and nuances.
  • When recruiting employees, the company understands its responsibility for the fact that the overall result depends on teamwork. Therefore, STEP fulfills all its obligations to employees, prioritizes their health and comfort, and provides the necessary information with maximum openness.
  • STEP strives to expand its presence in the regions, while winning contracts in an atmosphere of healthy competition and fair tenders.
  • The company strictly complies with federal and regional legislation in the sectors of construction, labor and environmental protection, tax legislation, and also complies with the business standards developed by the international community.
  • Openness is the core principle of all the company's activities. No information, with the exception of commercial secrets, is closed to current and potential partners and employees.

STEP openly informs own customers, contractors, suppliers, employees, directly answering the questions posed. How do competitors view us? This is not of crucial importance and it does not affect our activities. Much more important is how our customers, our employees, contractors and suppliers view us. For my part, this is much more interesting to me. Our company is building the most open system for this circle of people. This is our ideological background cause». founder of STEP
Dmitry Kunis